Chargers and battery banks for the Librem 5

@TacticalPandaLE To be fair, I own a Samsung battery bank that is 10ah and it is roughly the same size as the L5. Granted it does also have wireless charging built in but I digress. I don’t think it’s too farfetched for a 20ah battery to be slightly bigger than the L5. Not coming with a cable is a bit unfortunate though they probably assume you already bought a relevant device and thus have a compatible cable.

@Quarnero This is very interesting. So perhaps not all PD technology is created equal. This seems an odd and unreliable choice for charging the Librem 5. I wonder why they didn’t go with the more universal QC or even just good old fashioned regular 2 amp charging.

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Occasionally my Librem 5 does not charge. I need to remove the battery and after 5 secs install the battery and the phone reboots. One time the battery was so discharged that I could not reboot the phone. Removing and reinstalling the battery did not re-enable the phone to charge.
The I remembered that I bought a spare battery when I purchased the phone. The spare battery had enough charge and it rebooted the phone and I was able to charge the batteries.
I would have been really stuck without that spare battery.
All I want is the ability to charge the Librem 5 battery independently of being installed in the phone. I cannot find anything that will charge the Librem 5 battery standalone , ie not installed i the phone. I use a battery charger for other batteries I have. Would it be possible to adapt a battery charger to charge a Librem 5 battery, (a battery that is not installed in the phone)?

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There’s practically no details on the store page so I can’t make a judgement call on whether or not the TSA would allow the 20,000 mAh power bank. Anyone know if either of them are TSA compliant? I’ve seen top 10 lists online that list banks with larger capacities, though that doesn’t confirm if Purism’s power banks are within the 100 Wh limit (or 101–160 Wh with airline approval).

As related advice already available, just remove your Librem 5 back cover again and:

You can make this or similar charging set (just make sure that termination voltage stays at 4.2V): Battery for Librem 5. Also, ISDT UC2, or more expensive ISDT UC4, might be implemented as chargers as well, but I do not have them. Anyway, by using pogo pin connectors (therefore called “battery holder” for + and poles), as shown within my here linked post is where you’ll need to start to build some reliable external battery charger by yourself.


“… independently adjustable positive and negative pin position …

As linked universal charger specs are: “Output: DC4.35V -600mA(Battery)”, it is not to be used with the Librem 5 battery. Yet, its pogo pin connectors are just about the very same ones that I recommended within my previous post.

Here is a picture of the listed specs if that helps.


I know how to replace Librem batteries. I do charge my spare battery using the phone.

I think you missed the problem I had… Does not happen often , but I had the NOT CHARGING problem 3 times now.

  1. My phone battery was completely drained.
  2. The phone DID NOT CHARGE, WHEN I connected the charger.
  3. I could not REBOOT the phone, to attempt to fix the NO CHARGING.

The only way to fix the NOT CHARGING PROBLEM, is I believe to reboot, but I could not reboot as the battery had no charge,

Luckily my spare battery had enough charge to reboot the phone and I now have a resolution to my issue.

However I do not want to constantly remove the back to charge the spare battery.
I would prefer a standalone battery charger.


Ok I will give it a go.

Just one concern. Qoarnero is quite vocal that the charger is not to be used with Librem 5 battery.
Can anyone clarify, this issue please.

@Quarnero probably can.

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Product ASIN: B005REEWYY tells us that it is manufactured for lithium HV (LiHV) batteries. Therefore its termination voltage logic will stop charging of some inserted battery at 4.35V.

Firstly, such intelligent external power supply will not bring Librem 5 battery to explode while … Purism thought up front about this (BPP-L503 battery probably having BMS integrated within it, making it to be the one of PROTECTED type – just my unofficial guess).

Secondly, many internal components of the Librem 5 are to be provided with 3.3V and engineers that made this product (with add-on components like M.2 cards) allowing max. input voltage of 4.20V, so there should not exist any reason to insert some 1S LiHV that fully charged provides +/− output of 4.35V (or even 4.4V).

@frank, please refer to this post: External battery charger for Librem5, and to few surrounding ones.

Only universal battery charger, known to me that here related battery fits into it, and that will terminate (although just partially, and therefore connected battery should not be left there for extended period of time) charging at 4.2V is this one:

P.S. Just putting few simple thoughts here that are to be followed, as nothing here needs some expert explanation why is necessary to differentiate 1S lithium-ion 3.7V batteries from 3.8V batteries, etc.

Thank you. I have ordered the charger from aliexpress. It is very reasonably priced.
The web site mentions that the charger is only for 3.8V LI ion batteries and not 4.2V,
but the order says I got 4.2V Universal Wall Travel Charger.
Bit of a worry as the Librem 5 battery says it is 3.8V

This is from the web site.
Intelligent Universal Wall Travel Charger for Cell Phone PDA Camera Li-ion Battery with USB Port Fit Mobile phones, Digital cameras, Mp3 Mp4 players, Hand held gaming devices, PDAs and many more rechargeable lithium-ion batteries at 3.7 volts
Automatically stop charging when fully charged,.LCD screen indicates connection and full charge. Input: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz Output: DC 4.2V 800mA, USB Port Output: DC 5.2V 1300mA (USB)
Just compatible with 3.7 Volts Batteries, Not for 3.8V or 4.2V!!! Otherwise, the battery can not be filled

Yes, any batteries rated as 3.8V will not be filled up to 4.35V (100% of their capacity). Meaning this universal battery charger is manufactured for 3.7V and it will (although not precisely) stop/terminate charging at 4.2V.

P.S. Main difference between charging battery within Librem 5 is that charging of inserted battery will terminate charging at 4.20V (I’m quite sure). Anyway, battery charged with this external charger you should not leave charging there unattended nor for prolonged period of time (overnight for example) as it still provides some small current to inserted battery (rise battery voltage slightly over 4.20V, but this is just my coarse guess as I actually never had time to test it exactly, as occasional voltage measurements (after recharge completed) might/should be done right after charged battery taken out as full).

I have received the charger. It works well.
It was very reasonably priced.
Only thing is it comes with built in USA power pins. I already had USA to AUS adapter for charging the Librem 5.


Yes, especially that nowadays most USB Type C power supplies incorporate or actually provide many charging protocols (so called full protocol), rather “very” able to output unnecessary proprietary charging protocols that Librem 5 charger (as sink) nor its battery might or want to recognize as proper charging source.

@dos, teardown of Nintendo Switch power supply that confirms your kind input:

And, as not 100% sure about Dell XPS 13 power supply, let me guess that you are tested/proved this DELL 45W Type-C PD:

For comparisson of full protocol USB-C PD 18W port (Profile 2: 5V@2A or 12V@1.5A) with the first one (on USB-C PD Profile 4 channel) that will work without any issue(s) with Librem 5 or Librem 14, I just found those 2+2 relevant outputs, built-in within the very same power bank.

obsolete link
obsolete link

obsolete link
obsolete link

It seems that the first link took me to a black screen with a small jpeg square with Asian text: Don’t know about the others.

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Yes, I admit that I made wrong decision toward related Internet source to link only pictures (related post links are therefore disabled now). In short, from three USB power output ports only USB-C PD1 (supporting USB-DCP charging protocol only, at 5V range) one will work as expected with the Librem 5:

In addition (while I do not think that you can find and buy above linked one) you might want to end up with ANKER A1275 (either A1275Z11 that I use or A1275S11, or smaller A1241) power bank which carries (as one of my USB testers detected there), in addition to the USB-DCP, SAMSUNG charging protocol yet as long as Samsung device not connected there it will not interfere during charging of the Librem 5 phone.

Anker A1281 is fine charging option too: Discharging a powerbank (Anker A1281). Also, I hope that I managed to make clear that my selection of power banks are based on my own expectations related to charging of Librem 5, and for example didn’t mention here (purposely) any other Anker power bank that will be OK for recharging of BPP-L503 battery cell. Mentioning few Anker power banks is related only to what and where available, and not while I like their products in general (as out there exist manufacturers that still outperform in quality many of Anker charging products easily).

P.S. Perhaps even Anker A1290 USB-C port (controlled from Cypress CYPD3171 protocol chip and Southcore SC8812A) might be another one that works with … yet I’m not about to test it ( even though it might work with the Librem 14 out-of-the-box and as most common posts here are like “I cannot charge from …” although “PD” letters written there … after reliable “review” found within “only counts” Anker community). Perhaps usage of exact RON/ROZ octane rating counts here as well :grin: (battery millage related)?

Just got my librem5 evergreen this monday, so I can update this thread with power supply that works right now:

  • Inateck USB C 60 W charger (not for sale anymore, bought it 2 years ago)
  • amazon basic 18W car adapter -> OK, 4.9V@2.6A
  • 2017 dell xps computer (used as a charger) -> limited at 4.9V@2.0A
    (to draw 2.6A, plug the charger while battery it at 60% + youtube on firefox esr)

Really not an issue to find power :slight_smile:

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