Librem 5 Daily Usage poll

Very interesting. Thank you!

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Regarding charging: see , regarding flickering: I don’t have that with any adapter I use. The videos linked above were redorded with the zendure hub (this is not a buying recommendation, just what I use).


Do you have an idea what could be the source of flickering?
I have experienced it with different USB-C docks, with 2 different HDMI-HDMI cables and with 2 different monitors.
My assumption was that the source of the problem are the USB-C docks, but if other people don’t experience it, then it might be the Librem 5.
The video signal works. But every several minutes short disruptions happen.

I simply can’t use it as a daily driver because the SIM isn’t recognized. I order a phone that supports EU SIMs and have tried multiple providers, but none of them work. Additionally, the battery life is simply not good enough. It lasts maybe 3-4 hours with the screen off. I haven’t even tried installing a signal client as there’s probably no hope of battery life being similar, so leaving the house with this chunky boi isn’t an option.

Finally, phosh isn’t my thing. Flashing KDE mobile seems like a quite involved and there simply isn’t any time for that at the moment. Maybe there’ll be software updates in a year or more that allow the phone to have a battery life of at least 24h with moderate usage, a UI that looks better than android in 2010, a signal client that doesn’t require a heavy browser, a camera that’s easier to use, … basically better software.

Did you reported/documented your tests for other users to know? Which operators in which countries were not working?
There are many users living in Europe that have no problems with the providers.


All PD chargers I happen to own are charging Librem 5 without any issues (Steam Deck, Nintendo Switch, Dell XPS 13, some generic 45W charger, several USB-C docks…). Issues only happen when the power supply doesn’t provide enough current at 5V, but according to PD specification every >=15W charger is supposed to provide 3A at 5V. In practice it’s rather docks that can actually be problematic, as quality of those varies a lot and some are outright misconfigured, in which case it’s mostly a matter of luck whether it negotiates something sensible.

It lasts around 3-4 hours of non-stop intensive use (gaming etc.), with the screen off (and no suspend) it’s more like 10-15 hours. I’m using it with European (Polish) providers just fine as well. Sounds like there may be something wrong with your unit.


If there’s a problem with my unit, then I’m SOL because there’s no warranty, no nothing. But I’m OK with that. A functional device was never expected, so this is better than nothing.

Not sure what you’re talking about, there’s a regular 1 year warranty on the Librem 5.

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Let me rephrase that: there might as well not be a warranty for EU customers. We’d have to send the thing back to the US, pay for the shipping, and worst case, pay for the customs again when it comes back. In total (with the customs paid for it entering the EU the first time), that would be the same as buying a new device.

I already had to deal with this kind of thing for electronics products from the US about a decade ago and would rather not waste time and money.

Have you actually tried to use that warranty before writing such claims? Your assumption that you would have to send it back to US is not correct.


Don’t keep me guessing: where would I have to send it to?

Most likely to Germany, but it depends. I’m not a person you should be talking to about that and this is not a place for that anyway, there’s a support team that handles these things and that will assist you with whatever you need regarding your warranty, please contact them.


Soon to add even more data tracking than usual:


ugh… This is why we can’t have nice things.


I stopped trying to use my L5 USA when the AweSim service got disrupted. Is everything sorted out on that front? If so, I’d reinstate my service and keep trying to get this thing usable for daily use.

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I suspect not but the topic for following that is: SIMple/AweSIM down

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Yea I’ve followed that discussion and it kinda got off the rails. Besides, the company needs to have a more mature approach for service status than relying on us to post up/down status on the forum. Latest news on that thread is more users cancelling.


That’s a good observation. While mainly a hardware and software company, if they are going to offer services (Librem One and Librem *SIM*) then they could need some kind of service status page, preferably kept up to date automatically, so not relying on them posting up/down status, much less relying on customers.

Regardless though, the problem with the Librem *SIM* service doesn’t need a service status page to tell you that it has been down for 2 months. :open_mouth:


I just found out that Manhattan 130554 functions as quite similar product (having in/out USB-C PD port of up to 45W). Just sharing very similar device link, nothing else.

There are two cases where I experienced flickering (picture would be stable for a couple fo seconds then go black, come back, stable, …): before my debconf talk when connected to the beamer and when using the nexdock 360. Both were resolved by switching the usb-c cable from the phone to the hub.