Charging Librem5 heats up (LED blinking)

Is this normal behavior?
I leave phone on chair charging up, however before charging completely phone is generally very hot and LED is blinking color changing.

A lit red indicator light with no flashing indicates that the phone is charging normally.

If the light flashes red once per second, there is a problem with charging, and the charge controller has automatically paused charging. Please read on.

If you are not using the supplied charger then disconnect the charger that you are using, wait until the red light stops flashing and goes out, wait 20 minutes, and then try using the supplied charger.

If you are using the supplied charger or the problem persists when using the supplied charger then the problem could be that the battery is becoming too warm. The charge controller will pause charging when the battery temperature exceeds a threshold that is slightly above 40°C. Use the Usage utility, selecting the Thermal tab, to check the temperature reported for the sensor named bq25890-charger. If the reported temperature is too high then if the ambient temperature is high, try moving the charger and phone to a cooler location.

If the above does not resolve the issue, contact Purism support for further guidance.

(Ignore any temperature readings that are reported as 85°C. That is apparently just a bug.)

Also be aware that if you have new text messages or other notifications (blue LED) then that can interact with (mix with) the charging red LED to give you e.g. purple.

It would help to confirm whether you are running amber software or byzantium software - and to confirm that this is an Evergreen model phone.

Yes I’m using Evergreen with Byzantium.
And that behavior seems to be what I’m observing with supplied charger. I may try to find metal plate to put under phone while charging.

So what is the reported temperature? And what is the ambient temperature?

sorry stepped away for a while, trying to charge again. I’ll report back when I see blinking LED.
Also kept phone on side (instead of on back - which seems to get hot).

As soon as phone goes on face (or back) while charging, temperature went to 41C (charger).
GPU 47C, VPU 47C, CPU 46C, Battery 43C.
House (Ambient) temperature is 22-23 C.

And then charging paused (LED flashing red)?

Oh yes LED started flashing, I didn’t notice charging status though, just removed the phone and let it sit for a while.

I would check with support.

I don’t know whether the high temperature threshold can be configured and whether there is hardware design room to push it higher or whether there is something going wrong in the software or whether there is something going wrong in the hardware.

Mine was always overheating while charging. I thought that was fixed. Though last couple times I’ve left it to charge I think it completes, then the phone locks up. I can’t start it until I remove and add the battery back in. Looks like this area still needs work. ed - on byzantium/evergreen. ed 2 - tried again today. Found it with no light, still on with 99% charge and working :). Maybe new update or maybe random?

I’m observing this exact problem. My phone ran out of battery, I charged it and I couldn’t power it back until I removed the battery and added it back in.

Now phone doesn’t work anymore. Starts -> runs for maybe a minute or 2 -> goes completely unresponsive.