Charles Schwab street smart edge

I’m trying to down load Charles Schwab street smart edge and the streetsmartedge.exe file will not open launch or run properly. Is there an add on I need? Thank you in advance

if its a .exe file then you can only get it to run a computer running windows OS.

Check with the site you downloaded your file from to see if they have a linux version of the program. Ideally a debian .deb or binary .bin installer.

PS: you could also install a windows emulator on your linux machine to run windows software.

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Remember, WINE (Wine Is Not an Emulator) hahaha

@nse420 That software is not able to run in GNU/Linux system just Windows/Mac they got a cloud option but requires a plugin that only work in Windows/Mac anyway.

It’s also proprietary software.

You can install it trough WINE but i didn’t see any reference of the software working properly.

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I have had very limited success with WINE, too much tweaking required and installation of additional window libraries to get it to work.

I saw CrossOver run on a Linux box once and it was impressive.