Chat registration for users

The homepage say “you can communicate with people inside or outside the domain”. Great, I’d like to migrate the video chats with my elderly parents to Librem Chat. I’m testing it out myself first (phone <=> laptop) to ensure usage is simple enough for them to handle.

After logging into Librem Chat on my phone via my account, I send an invitation to a email address, and the resulting email (accessed on my laptop) contains a link to a guest account at . That web page presents “Join the conversation with an account [ Sign Up ] [ Sign In ]” . I click on “Sign Up”, and get a “Create your account” with 3 choices: Free/ doesn’t seem right (I want the server); ditto for Premium/modular, so I pick Advanced/Other, and get prompted for my “custom homeserver URL”. can’t be reached, but trying seems to make progress.

At this point I get stuck: riot displays the message “Registration has been disabled on this homeserver” in red, and prompts for a “custom identity server URL” defaulted to Any suggestions on how to get unstuck, and/or pointers to documentation that can help?

(The following is intended as constructive criticism, the goal being to increase adoption.) The experience above is extremely complicated/confusing for elderly parents. I might be able to talk them through a one-time account setup - an FAQ entry would help tremendously - but regular usage has got to be drop-dead simple for them: no harder than “visit this bookmarked URL”; even an additional “enter your username & password” will be pushing it if the credentials can’t be cached in the browser. I had them on for a while, but they couldn’t remember their credentials, so we switched over to (so that all they have to do is visit a bookmarked URL which goes straight to my room - no login).


Thanks for the feedback @laubster. It’s a known bug but we do appreciate the reminder about it.