Chatty and storage of messages

Where and in which format Chatty stores the messages. I want to pull some of them into files, even if it would be in XML. Thanks

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It takes a while to load (when opening with Text Editor).

unknown type (application/octet-stream)

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Thanks for the location; better to read with

printf 'select time, body from messages\n' | sqlite3 ~/.purple/chatty/db/chatty-history.db
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I am in the process of getting my L5 on track to be somewhat used as a daily driver. I was using Chatty this weekend to test out its functionality and I forgot to charge my phone last night and the battery ran itself down and shut the phone off before I got up this morning. I discovered that all of my text messages in the GUI were gone. I was able to find my MMS attachments in the .local/chatty directory. Is this normal for Chatty to clear all messages after a power cycle? Its pretty inconvenient to not be able to follow a continued conversation from days before without a record of the dialect. Is there something that can be done to have persistence in Chatty like Calls will lists all the calls you previously made? There was nothing in the man pages or help files that would allow for persistence of any kind.

I think it is not normal.

Check the MySQL database, if the records are still there (see post #3 in this thread how to do so). If the records aren’t there, then they got lost perhaps due to the unclean shutdown on power-drain.