Chatty can't send XMPP images?

When trying to send an image using Byzantium over XMPP with OMEMO I get an error message:

‘http file upload is not supported by server’

Anyone get this working? I am unable to receive or send an image.

Thanks everyone!

What xmpp server are you using?

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Have you been able to receive or send messages before on a different client? If not then looks like you’d need a new server.

FSF’s doesn’t seem to be the best, anyway.

I guess my first question would be are you able to send images using another client not your L5? IE: Do you have file upload setup on the xmpp server?

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I tried and it sends pictures but chatty wont let me enable encryption… I wish Chatty had better settings options.

Same on pinephone. Same wish as you.

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Have you gotten any server to work with both encryption and sending photos?

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Not with chatty. I have conversations on my android phone that does both on the server, but I haven’t been able to get omemo to work on chatty.

Edit: now that I think about it, my conversations app shows that the chatty login does have an omemo fingerprint, so it may be a matter of verifying that login, which is also something I don’t know how to do.

Conversations has an option to display server info. If http upload is not supported chatty cannot send images (to the best of my knowledge) but other applications, like conversations, may support [I forget the XEP but there’s one that let’s client to client data transfers happen…].

Something worth checking.

Yeah, conversations, in the event that file upload is not enabled will use a p2p file transfer, which fails if the person you are talking to is not currently using conversation or otherwise accepts the transfer.