Chatty release 0.3.0 beta

Hi all!

It has been some time since the last chatty release happened, and now we have a new major beta release.

This release includes a new native matrix implementation, several bug fixes and improvements. The matrix feature is currently marked as experimental (though it should work
pretty well for most cases). Support for E2E encryption has also been
added (which is actually experimental). Read the Changelog for a full list of changes.

Since this is a beta release this release shall not be included in amber-phone (the current stable version of PureOS on Librem5).

WARNING: Please backup your ~/.purple directory before installing the
new chatty as chatty is going to modify your history database
irreversibly (ie, once the database is migrated to the new version, you can’t go back to the older 0.2.0 version)

To compile and install chatty from source, do the following from the chatty source
sudo apt build-dep .
meson build
cd build && ninja
sudo ninja install

Now you have to enable experimental features (to enable matrix) by running:
gsettings set sm.puri.Chatty experimental-features true

And to run with verbose logs:
chatty -vvvv

Please help testing chatty, and if you find any issues file at Chatty repository with steps to reproduce and the logs (check if your logs contain sensitive information before posting. You may search for common text like pass, key, room, user, xep, which are some commonly used prefixes for sensitive information)


Hey Mohammed,

What a great release, those are nice features coming up!
It got also packaged in debian experimental (should anyone want to test it without compiling it):

Are there any plans to implement cross-signing? E2EE works well here, I could receive messages in encrypted room at least :slight_smile:

Wow Chatty v.0.3.1 is already released to Byzantium! L5


Am using the latest Chatty on Byzantium (L5). Press-and-hold in the text-entry box, when I want to paste a URL copied from Firefox, sometimes brings up a blank contextual menu but mostly the contextual menu doesn’t come up. I then try to paste using the Terminal keyboard (ctrl-shift-v) which almost never works (it did just once after a lot of trial and error). Is this a Chatty bug, some other bug, or am I doing something wrong?

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Please create a new thread rather than resurrecting a dead thread. This thread is about chatty 0.3.0. Your question is about chatty on Byzantium which is 0.6.7.

Everybody who previously commented on this thread (about a different topic) does not want a ping for a question about the current chatty.