Chatty segfaults on startup

Got version 0.6.0 today. Chats crashes less than a second after starting up. I’ve tried rebooting twice. If I run chatty from the terminal, it shows a segmentation fault. I can’t use the clipboard from the terminal, so here’s a screenshot.

@mohammed.sadiq ^^^

Here is an issue that sounds similar, with a suggested solution:

Quoting from there:

if you

  • stop mmsd-tng
  • move ~/.mms to eg ~/.mms.offending
  • restart mmsd-tng

mmsd-tng should recreate ~/.mms and you should have a working chatty. I think chatty even keeps > your APN configuration and SMS stack. But the MMS that broke it should still be in ~/.mms.offending >.

Does that help?

That helps. I had to reboot, because I couldn’t figure out how to restart mmsd-tng, but yes, I can now start Chats without it crashing.


Hi, the crash has been fixed with and I have made a new 0.6.1 release with the fix included. Let me know if you have any issues with the new chatty.

Mohammed Sadiq