Chatty server setting on librem5 question


Will be possible to setup within the gui on chatty to use your own xmpp server?
Same question for matrix server


if you scroll down to chatty you will see, that you can add your own Id (of whatever server).
For me that’s the only reasonable thing, binding someone to your thing against your freedom would be google-alike in my point of view and having me deeper concerns than some timeline moving ;-).

However even if they would do so, the apps have at least for me the objective to serve together as a PoC that linux (not only pureos - but linux) can do mobile. Binding to one service already would be against this objective and also harm the platform, as pureos benefits in case linux mobile grows (also with competitors like pinephone etc).

I guess that by your question you have a similar opinion :wink:


Yes i completly agree, freedom of choice is a must for librem product


I tried chatty with my own xmpp server a few months ago and it was working well.



Chatty is “only” a client.

You can set it up and configure it to use any XMPP server that you use.

Same with matrix client


Do chatty nclude jingle for voice calling? Afaik jingle is not a server side configuration but all depends on clients, and that’s a good news because with matrix and nextcloud for that feature we have to configure a turn server


No, it’s a text message app.
Calls would be a most adapted app for this. I think Matrix voice call will be later added to Calls app but I read nothing about jingle.


That’s a bad news bit ty for sharing

@joao.azevedo any chance to implement jingle on chatty?


Maybe the gnome version of GNU Jami can be installed on the phone.