Check mail option in Geary

Is there a way to force Geary to check for new mail?
Can’t find it. It should be there, shouldn’t it?


I agree that it should be there.

Unfortunately, Geary seems to be based on the kind of thinking that says “let’s not bother the user with having to do anything or know anything, let’s just make it work directly, and let’s assume an infinitely fast CPU, disk access and of course always infinitely fast internet access.”

I think the (in my opinion silly) idea is that Geary will “always” fetch any new emails "directly"so you don’t need to worry about it. :expressionless:

Another thing that should be there is an indication that fetching email is in progress, and an indication saying if the internet connection seems to be working or not.


It’s quick, alright. But maybe I’m spoiled for being used to having a button like that. And an indicator. Another must have, for sure.

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There is a workaround : in settings, there is an option “check new messages after closing” (sorry for this “baguette” translation from french to english). So if you don’t see any new mail that should come, you can enable this option, close the app, and reopen, hoping it will fetch the new email.

This is a bit manual, I also would like a “button” for this.