Chemical waterproofing (suggestion for future phones)

This is really a suggestion for future phones. My understanding of the good chemical barriers that have come to the fore in the last year or two to provide waterproofing, is that they require consideration at the early design stage, to make sure the mechanical configuration allows there to be a stage in the production line where the components can be exposed to a vapour in a vacuum. The first iteration of this phone is far beyond that stage, and you great guys at Purism should focus all your efforts on making this phone serviceable and getting it to production, safe in the knowledge that we backing you are proud of your work, want you to take as long as it needs, to keep it simple, and make it work reliably.

So that caveat out of the way, device convergence means that this phone will (I hope) be my only computer. I want to be able to make it very robust. There are plenty of 3D printing companies that can crank out some kind of rubberised protective case or bumpers for some physical protection. That’s not the case for extremely reliable waterproofing, and I’d hope that companies providing chemical barriers (such as P2i) would recognise that a future where one’s phone is also one’s desktop or laptop computer is a future that means a lot of people want that phone to be waterproof… and a lot of business for waterproofing companies.

I don’t expect those companies to discount the upgrade, but I’d hope that it would at least make them keen to engage with Purism. Personally, I’d pay a premium even for a phone that was just fleetingly submersible in water.

If any other readers have strong feelings, or can see a different route to my getting a phone that can be reliably waterproofed, I’d be grateful for the steer.

Yours with heartfelt thanks for your hard work, and assurance that taking your time and getting it right is the most important thing about your endeavour,


Isn’t the current waterproofing methods ruined if you open the phone? If that’s true then I cannot replace my battery and save this feature.

If I’m wrong please tell me.


Hm… Moto G3 was water resistant, which is not the same as water proof ofc, but it could get the water resistance after opening and closing the back after adding e,g, the sim card.

At least I would be perfectly fine with a water resistant phone as for me I have no current use case as using the phone underwater :smiley:


Until it takes that drop in the toilet. :rofl:

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Samsung Galaxy S5 has a replaceable battery and is waterproof (it’s not rated for full underwater operation, but it can take an accidental submersion).

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@TungstenFilament thanks for the clarification.

I’d love it if these guys could look at the plans for the phone and quote how much it’d cost to give a batch water-resistance; it’d be nice to be able to wash my phone clean in the current crisis.