Chestnut has arrived


Oh, one more thing, @purismforum. Would you mind posting the entire output from dmesg ?
dmesg > ~/dmesg.txt


sure here it is dmesg -T on librem5 chestnut full dmesg

FYI I disabled suspend as it crash the phone every time.


Strange. I’m not seeing “camera” in the dmesg output. Try this:
dmesg -s 99999 > ~/dmesg.txt

If that doesn’t work, maybe you have to run dmesg after rebooting to get all the kernel messages.


I just updated it now with dmesg -T -s 99999


Thanks. The complete dmesg didn’t tell me anything more about the cameras, but I’m really impressed that it boots in 17 seconds.

The only remaining mystery is who manufactured the LCD screen. Maybe we can get that info from the EDID:
apt install read-edid edid-decode
get-edid | edid-decode
Or if that doesn’t work:
get-edid | read-edid


the 1st one did not work.

here is the 2nd one

get-edid | edid-decode
This is read-edid version 3.0.2. Prepare for some fun.
Attempting to use i2c interface
No EDID on bus 0
No EDID on bus 1
No EDID on bus 2
No EDID on bus 3
Looks like no busses have an EDID. Sorry!
I’m sorry nothing was successful. Maybe try some other arguments
if you played with them, or send an email to Matthew Kern
No header found


If it doesn’t use EDID, I wonder how it gets the info about what screen resolutions are supported. That must be programmed somewhere.

Do you see any info about the screen in the /var/log/weston.log file?

If not, edit the /etc/environment file:
sudo nano /etc/environment
and add this line:
Then, reboot and check the contents of the /var/log/weston.log file.


/var/log/weston.log does not exist even with WAYLAND_DEBUG=1

See WAYLAND_DEBUG is set on the wayland process

root@pietro:~# ps -ef | grep -y way
purism 631 1 0 14:51 tty7 00:00:00 Xwayland :0 -rootless -terminate -listen 19 -listen 20 -wm 39
root 1072 1027 0 14:55 pts/0 00:00:00 grep -y way
root@pietro:~# cat /proc/631/environ


Maybe you can start another instance of Weston inside of the current instance to get the log:

WAYLAND_DISPLAY=wayland-0 weston -Swayland-1 --log=~/weston.log


Started this way WAYLAND_DISPLAY=wayland-0 WAYLAND_DEBUG=1 weston -Swayland-1 --log=/home/purism/weston.log 2>&1 | tee >~/weston-start.log



Darn! There is no info on the screen in the logs. Info about the screen must be stored somewhere, but I don’t know where it would be stored.

Maybe you can find it by searching for the name of an LCD manufacturer in the entire file system:

sudo grep -r -I -n -i -E "(AUO|Optronics|BOE|ChiMei|Chungwha|Giantplus|Hansol|HannStar|HKC|Iiyama|InnoLux|Japan Display|Kyocera|LG|LXD|NEC Display|New Vision|Mitsubishi|Panasonic|Pioneer|Planar Systems|Samsung|Sakai|Sharp|S-LCD|TCL|CSOT)" /


Uhhh. Is nobody going to mention 2000mah battery?


The batteries are made by BYD, but some of them are labeled in Chinese and were made by BYD for Haoermei, which is an electronic toys manufacturer.

I assume that Purism had to custom order the 3500 mAh battery, but the custom order isn’t yet ready, so Purism is using batteries which were originally made by BYD for a Haoermei device.
Another possibility is that Purism had problems using the TI charge controller with a 3500 mAh battery, but I can’t find any bug report about battery charging problems, so I doubt that is the problem.


How is the sound quality? Both from speaker and headphones. The DAC seems to be good as I read in other threads. Can you play a wav file transferring it from a CD or a flac file made from a CD?


Up to the Librem 5 Phone – Chestnut – Hardware Reference page, current Mantix display uses fringe-field switching (FFS) liquid crystal mode. Is it Purism moving further in direction of considering to use awarded Ultra-Brightness FFS (UB-FFS) technology (if such/adequate 5.7-inch size MIPI DSI panel available)? I’m not able to open L5 current panel datasheet and therefore asking.