Clearing Clipboard(s)

Can someone please tell me if there is a way to clear my clipboard in PureOS - preferably not using the command line. I found a Clipboard Manager:
Would this be ok to install on PureOS?

I also understand that there are 2 clipboards “Primary” and “Clipboard” so not sure if I need to clear them both separately or if there is a simple way / keyboard shortcut to clear them both. Thank you.

I always doubleclick some whitespace in a terminal to clear the clipboard after I pasted what I just copied. It became a second nature.

Works for both clipboards, the secondary one requires you to complement the whitespace-doubleclick with ctrl-v.

Yes that extension can be used in PureOS, it works and has an option to clear the clipboard.

Thank you for this info. So if I just copy and paste something else, that will clear both clipboards? Is that correct?

Thank you.

Can you tell me which “Shell Version” I should use or how I find that info?

Shell version 3.38

It will overwrite the content. So if you copy some whitespace, that has the effect of clearing the former data from the clipboards. You do not need to paste that “something else”.

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