CLI Weather with Location Detection

Huh… I just tested the command curl… and it correctly detected my city. By GPS or by IP address? Anyone know?
(I have WiFi on and Mobile off.)

Edit: It must be simply detecting by IP, because on my laptop, the command thinks my location is where the VPN server is located.


I love that cli weather! my favourite is the v2 format, try

$ curlünchen?format=v2

or see a preview about half way down the github page (


I think so too. I executed on a VPS and it gave the weather for the location of the VPS.


I did not even think about it but worked directly in the browser. It works around the world and you just search for your place. I like it because I can check the weather at any place without any place recognition. Funny enough it even recognized our small village.

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Oh wow, that’s even better! Thanks!

BTW, the GNOME Weather app’s forecast function is still broken.