Codeberg and sourcehut committer email addreses

github and gitlab provide an option to set a “noreply” style email address as the publicly visible email address for an account including as the email address for commits. The github version is <username> and github also provides guards against a user accidently leaking their real email address during a push from a local repository to github.

I’ve been unable to determine whether codeberg or sourcehut provide a similar option, so I am asking here.

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For Codeberg I could hide my email address. You can add alternative addresses, but I don’t know what you can do with those and what else is possible.



You can opt to specify a noreply email address for commits, documented here: Configuring Git | Codeberg Documentation


If you don’t want to include your email address with your commits, you can opt to specify here instead, where USERNAME is your Codeberg username.

There is also an option to hide your email in the profile settings.


These settings may not be the same as what GitHub offers but I haven’t investigated this too much.


Thank you both, and in retrospect I should have been able to dig this up myself, but IMO it is not prominent or high enough in the documentation.

So no one knows one way or the other for sourcehut.


You can check some repositories on SourceHut and find out.