Colour calibration and ICC profile

The screen on my Librem 15 looks great but I can’t quite get the contrast/colour calibration right. The default contrast is too high to read many websites.

I’m using Arch Linux and have mainly been fiddling with xcalib / xgamma / sys/class/backlight.

Is there an ICC profile available to calibrate this screen?

If not, I will generate one and post it here when I find settings that work for me.

(Mods - I wasn’t sure if this should go in the “Other OSs” category as when I booted PureOS the colours looked calibrated already, but perhaps it also uses ICC profiles?)

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I’ve seen @jeff using some color calibration hardware on his screens, so pinging him, he might have the answer for you.

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Indeed I do happen to have a spectrophotometer for calibration… but I can’t use it because of a driver bug that prevents me from getting any calibration result in “accurate” mode (and there’s no point in using the low/medium accuracy modes… I haven’t found the results to be satisfactory/convincing on the Librems and thus didn’t release the profiles resulting from low-accuracy calibration).

If you or someone you know has the skills to fix this bug (suspected to be purely a math problem), please please please do!

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Did you ever generate an ICC profile? I’m considering ordering a ColorHug and giving calibration a try myself.

No, I have not generated my own profile yet as I’m not confident I have found good enough display settings to share with others (I have no hardware or particular skill in this area, I’ve just adjusted it so it looks okay to my eyes).

Go ahead and buy the ColorHug (or drop hints for a Christmas present…) and I’ll be delighted to test your calibration profile!

can please you share?