Comment on "Librem 5 design report #5"

Would it be a consideration to make a removable battery like old flip phones had?

I’m sure the masses would love a battery you don’t have to tear your phone apart to get at, which also increases the security of the phone by being able to completely power it off


I completely agree. At least it should be removable without breaking it …

(I love flip phones by the way)

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I can’t recall where, but I think I heard Todd talking about a removable battery. This would make sense as the phone is meant to empower users and respect ethical design guidelines :slight_smile:


It’s already planned - under the heading “Can I remove the battery and replace it”.

Agree, another advantage would be that you will be able to fit a bigger battery (with a custom back shell) like (probably) some tinkerers did for this Samsung Note II:

Original back shell:

Custom back shell + a bigger battery:

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+1 for a removable battery !

If a battery has NFC would that mean automatic vulnerability to Scanning? Or perhaps in the sense that the battery could respond to a scan not unlike an RFID chip? Just curious.

From the phones that I’ve used with NFC functionality as part of the battery (Samsung S3, S4, S5), that consists solely of an antenna coil mounted to the battery. That antenna won’t do anything unless the transceiver chip in the phone instructs it to transmit. Sure, you could detect it using various means of RF-based electronic equipment detection, but that doesn’t give any more away than “there is something which absorbs on X frequency here” or “there are semiconductor junctions here”.


Thank @TungstenFilament. So NFC only matters if I were wearing my Harry Potter cloak of invisibility and believing I were completely invisible. If I were to find myself in that situation, the NFC would be the least of my problems. :ghost:

Thanks much for the clear answer.