Comparing specs of upcoming Linux phones

Fingerprint reader will be combined with wireless charging

6000 mAh, not 5000:

Also booting from USB could be mentioned for Librem 5 with this link:

Not sure if Pinephone can do this too, but probably yes.

Thansk @fsflover. I updated the PinePhone mods and added a “Boot order” row to the table.

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Also note that there is another Necunos phone model, the NE_1, which is targeted towards enterprise customers.

On that page, it refers to their own mobile Linux distribution, aera OS, but in the FAQ below, it is described as necunOS.

Another interesting tidbit is that their Level 3 solution is manufactored in Finland, similar to how the Librem 5 USA, 14, and Key are done in the USA.

Just a word of caution for everyone’s sake here, unlike proof of people getting their Librem 5 phones, using shipping dates, and so on, there has been no word of anyone obtaining either the NC_1 or NE_1. There are no community forums on their website. That said, I would appreciate anyone with information to the contrary to challenge and invalidate my claim.

I saw it . pretty cool device. slide out screen revealing a full qwerty keyboard , XDA logo on the back which can only mean development by them XDA maniacs is going to be redonkulous.

899.00 its an expensive piece of hardware though but what isnt these days . I been looking for a used pickup . better have some bucks if you want something thats not a piece of chit .

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Economical and good value for money, because outsourcing software development to community, adapting its existing A64 board, and selecting older components with existing Linux support.

“Low cost and good value for money, because software development is outsourced to the community (volunteers).”

Linux phone most ready for daily use today with UBports and 14 hours of battery life in standby mode.

This is already pretty outdated. AFAIK it survives 4 days on suspend, which is indeed an advantage, but not for very long I think. Daily use is not really an advantage over Librem 5 anymore in my opinion. If you follow that logic than suspend on Pinephone prevents reliable incoming calls, timers or alarms, whereas on Librem 5 all that works.

Pine64 supports community software development with a $10 donation per phone to the OS projects and the hardware helps projects attract more volunteers.

No longer true since Beta Edition.

Support a company that is transparent, community-based, and doesn’t over-promise in its PR.

Purism indeed often over-promise, but calling it non-transparent is a stretch to say the least.

active community for help

Both phones have an active community now. I would say “larger community” instead.

I would also add the following as the first reason for both phones:

See innovations above.

(and those innovations should be just above “Reasons to buy”, while “Future versions” should be somewhere below)

Librem 5:

Trying to fight planned obsolescence with lifetime software updates, upstreaming code to parent projects for long-term support, using a well-maintained GTK/GNOME stack, replaceable WiFi/BT and cellular modem on M.2 cards, and an SoC manufacturer that promises 10 years of production and contributes to the mainline Linux kernel for future updates.

Should be:

“Trying to fight planned obsolescence with (1) lifetime software updates, (2) upstreaming code, (3) using a well-maintained GTK/GNOME stack, (4) replaceable WiFi/BT and cellular modem, and (5) an SoC manufacturer that promises 10 years of production and contributes to the mainline Linux kernel for future updates.”

Better privacy with accessible hardware kill switches, software switches to turn off GNSS and individual sensors, customized web browser preconfigured for privacy, and optional Librem One web services.

AFAIK Pinephone also has software switches. I think that advantage of Gnome Web over Firefox is questionable. Librem One servies can be used on Pinephone, too. I suggest this:

"Better privacy with accessible hardware kill switches, lockdown mode to turn off GNSS and all sensors, OS preconfigured for privacy, and optional AweSim service in the USA.

Better convergence in the long run

It already has a better convergence, since it’s faster, so “in the long run” is unnecessary.


@fsflover, Thanks for the suggestions to update the table.

I made most of your suggested changes, but I kept the part about PINE64 being “transparent” as one of the “Reasons to buy” the PinePhone. In some ways PINE64 is less transparent (for example we don’t know the names of its employees and we only hear from 2 people in the company), but PINE64’s projected shipping dates are generally reliable and the company uses very little PR in its communications with the public. I understand that financing long and expensive development projects through crowdfunding requires PR and positive messaging to prevent the cancellation of pre-orders, but it does annoy some people and they do see it as a reason to buy the PinePhone over the Librem 5 (for examples, see the posts by @admsjas and @eugenr).


I don’t consider that to be a transparency issue. In fact, I think it’s positive that employees are afforded a level of privacy. Some organisations manage to balance an open process with the desire for privacy of the people working on their products.

Also, cultural and personal factors play a role in whether people are comfortable performing in public, in roles with elements of customer support and public relations tasks, while being unable to really influence the policies that have the most impact on how well they can perform those tasks.

Anyway, this is not really related to the specifications of the phones, but perhaps transparency is too subjective to include in a comparison of product features.


@amosbatto Thanks for the update!

I agree with @david.boddie that the issue should not be called “transparency”. You could perhaps call it something like “keeping every single promise” or “reliable shipping dates”.

Same with Purism. At least Librem 14 is designed with the community feedback.

Actually, the camera alone can be the reason to buy Librem 5 for some people.

Transparency fits 100% i would recommend leaving it because it is an issue for some people.

But what exactly do you mean by “transparency”?

Pine64 changed their mind and will not develop the NFC back case for Pinephone:

Any suggestions (barring NFC which we discarded for the time being) are welcome.

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I removed that and added an “FCC certification” row. I also added the L5’s 4-pin I2C and UART extension connector under “Extra features”.

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FYI, this: needs updating.

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Pinephone has one phone ear speaker and one loudspeaker, just like Librem 5. I have a Pinephone and can confirm.

@amosbatto you may want to consider adding this (the F(x)tec Pro1 X) to the comparison on your blog. The Pro1 has already finished production and the Pro1 X is on track to start shipping in October. That estimate should of course be taken with a grain of salt, since the shipping estimate has been pushed back twice now.

November now.

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Huh, that’s in conflict with their Indiegogo page: (they said “between October and November” in their July update). I haven’t seen anyone ask in the comments or in the forum about the discrepancy. I would guess that October is a very optimistic estimate and November is more realistic, so that’s what they put on the order page.

I updated the FCC certification question:

I also updated the section on the test points and the external connector:

Thanks. I added it.