Comparison between PureOS and TAILS


As a long time TAILS user and advocate I find your project interesting, if possible could someone from your dev team provide a breakdown of comparison between PureOS and TAILS?


  • Catie

PureOS is (like TAILS) also built upon Debian, and is more like a standard GNU/Linux distribution with emphasis on free/libre software and improved privacy and security, which you can install and customize. On the other hand, TAILS is a specialized (security and privacy wise) GNU/Linux OS meant to be used as a live system (you run it from a CD/DVD/USB), which by itself means a low “privacy footprint”. But you can also manage to reduce that “footprint” with any other linux distribution, with the help of Tor, Tor Browser (+ some addons) and some tweaks and good security practices, it just that TAILS provides all these by default (hassle-free).

However, I would advised you to carefully read their disclaimer:
The first item there, “Tails does not protect against compromised hardware”, is exactly why you need Librem. :slight_smile:

And to tell you the truth, I’ve never used TAILS, but reading through their documentation I see that almost all these I have on my linux box, except for the Tor+TorBrowser. I’ve even setup alternative DNS ( on my router which is runned by Linux (DD-WRT).