Compiling Email-chat (plugin) for Librem 5 messenger "Chatty", success anyone?

The “Chatty” app (Librem 5’s default messenger) already got support to chat with SMS and XMPP (jabber) contacts. (
But chatting with all E-MAIL contacts may also be possible (automatically End2End encrypted)…

There is a first version of a libpurple plugin providing support for the Email-chat spec. ( )

For the reference messenger based on the Email-chat spec, that has full backwards compatibility to classic email, see:

It would be great if Librem 5’s “Chatty” could, right out of the box, support communicating with all SMS, XMPP, and E-MAIL addresses, around the world.

Is there maybe someone skilled enough who would be interested in trying to get that plug-in running, for example in the qemu development images for the Librem 5?


I wonder if chatty plugins will be compatible with pidgin’s ones.
I’m looking forward to use this one:
Do anyone have a hint about it?

If that is a libpurple plugin it suggests that it should also work with Chatty.
It’s the same situation as with the plugin.

Yes, but it’s not so straight forward, since, e.g., there are several pidgin plugins that don’t work on adium and vice versa, even though both are libpurple based…

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Yes, it seems these libpurple plugins, like the one for Email-chat, together with its dependencies like deltachat-core, would fist need to get build to try.

Unfortunately, I think there is no manual on how to build this, so it would need someone involved with a little more experience, to get through the challenges of pioneering this.

There’s work going on with chatty plugins as can be seen here. It seems there are already 3 protocols: matrix, xmpp and telegram. Maybe we’ll see deltachat and kontalk there in the near future.

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Isn’t Kontalk just the XMPP protocol but on a closed network?

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There are some differences regarding to encryption and login as explained in this Kontalk’s forum thread, that follows transcripted:

jan '17

As a matter of fact, Kontalk is 100% XMPP compatible + a few additions such encryption and a few other things. But for the rest, you can use a normal XMPP client to connect to it.
The problem is that Kontalk uses client certificate authentication. It’s not a custom thing, it’s very much standard, yet there is lack of support from clients. That I know of, only one desktop client supports it: Gajim. I don’t know about iOS clients, but I can’t find one.

I recently wrote a Pidgin plugin 18 that also handles the client certificate authentication part (and also encryption and key retrieval), so you might say Pidgin is compatible.

Even bigger than authentication, another problem is registration. Given an existing account, and if ChatSecure indeed supports client certificate authentication, you just have to throw it the kontalk-login.p12 file from the personal key pack exported from the Android app after having registered.
On a different note, I’m actually thinking of building a web-based registration module that just generates a personal key to be imported in any client…


Hello @2x5 ! It seems that there was a first attempt regarding to Delta Chat, but the plugin didn’t work. It’d be nice if someone from DC or COI helped somehow, since both are partners and work together to maintain interoperability.