Comunication Security (ComSec)

I was asked to post about this, so in the interest of Karma: Shout out to Joel from CryptoTech Solutions. While I admire the Purism mission and have been an early supporter, unless their phone becomes widely adopted…If you are seeking TRUE ComSec check out the book “ComSec” by Justin M and Drew Carrol. The MASTER of digital privacy and security is Michale Bazzel, his books are priceless in those regards. Everyone in this forum should be aware of them…


Don’t they call that “Information Assurance” now? Or did they change the name again?

For some of the book “ComSec” see: [Funny, and not the authors fault: this is sold on Amazon for Kindle - the irony]

Libremuser is not wrong. Any “smart” device (especially commercial ones using cell services) is almost by default compromised (maybe not the device but use of the system, that it’s connected to). But before we get ahead of ourselves, security is also always relative. Two main things in my mind are:

  • Usecase, as in “What do you need and use your device for?”. If you can not be without a device or you need it for some reason (like a social interaction to you mum), then you need to try to take as many steps as possible to mitigate that (like a more securable device than spyPhone) and behave in a manner that tries to limit the risks. Living is risks. It matters how you prevent, minimize likelihood, minimize effect and accept them. (And if you only live by thinking risks, you may have issues. You also may have good penmanship from sending beautiful and thoughtful letters, instead of calluses on your thumbs.)
  • Threat scenarios are always personal. They are a matter of how you behave and live and in what environment you are in at a given time - and they change. There may be only a certain type of threat that you are motivated in countering, something that exceeds your personal limit.

L5 makes things better. It does not go as far as the sources that Libremuser suggest go. But at some point there are drawback as well - the price one has to accept individually. Linux users, I think, probably already are paying a bit but also getting something.


I think I will just stick to smoke signals…

your avatar says otherwise :rofl:

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What can I say, where’s there’s smoke, there’s fire…