Concerns of ethernet port in Librem laptop(s)


I like the addition of the ethernet port on the Librem14, and the other security enhancements, that I’m looking forward to it being added into the next version of the 15 model.

However with the thin designs of laptop these days, and the ethernet has a little flap, to hold the cable in. (see side of librem 14)

I’ve seen with some of my clients who have lenovo laptops with the same bezel/ethernet that the little flap can break off easily, and once it does the nic port is useless. As seen here.

I know lenovo won’t repair it under warranty as saying that the user damaged it. If Purism is going to use that design on future models, will it be something that can be easily repaired?

To me it’s more of a design flaw.

Personally I wouldn’t mind a little thickness to the laptop to have a proper ethernet port that won’t break easily, but I’m probably the only one.