Configure call forwarding with AT cmd

The app Calls on our L5 can’t handle MMI codes for call forwarding management. @dos filed in issue here where more details are described:

Call forwarding can be configured separately for:

all calls (unconditional)
if busy
if not answered
if out of reach

On AT modems, +CCFC command can be used to configure call forwarding.

I grabbed an AT cmd specification Broadmobi BM817C Series User AT Commands V2.0.0 .pdf and tried on my L5 the following:

purism@pureos:~/guru$ sudo kermit
C-Kermit 9.0.305 OPEN SOURCE: Alpha.02, 19 Sep 2020, for Linux+SSL+KRB5 (64-bit)
 Copyright (C) 1985, 2020,
  Trustees of Columbia University in the City of New York.
Type ? or HELP for help.
(/home/purism/guru/) C-Kermit>set line /dev/ttyUSB3
(/home/purism/guru/) C-Kermit>set speed 9600
/dev/ttyUSB3, 9600 bps
(/home/purism/guru/) C-Kermit>set carrier-watch off
(/home/purism/guru/) C-Kermit>set escape 21
(/home/purism/guru/) C-Kermit>connect
Connecting to /dev/ttyUSB3, speed 9600
 Escape character: Ctrl-U (ASCII 21, NAK): enabled
Type the escape character followed by C to get back,
or followed by ? to see other options.

+CCFC: (0,1,2,3,4,5)



The 2 means on reason “no reply”, the 3 means “register” the given number, and the 1 means “enable” (not sure what this means exactly).

Why is 3 (register) not working?

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