Congratulations! doesn't connect to tech giants

I installed the Big Tech Detective extension in chromium, and I am glad to see this forum doesn’t connect to facebook, amazon, google or microsoft.

Other pages in similar situations are: (as expected)


I prefer PrivacyBadger in Firefox, which not just detects it but also blocks whenever possible.


According to NoScript and uBlock, this forum not only doesn’t connect to big tech, but doesn’t connect to any external scripts at all! All that shows up is That’s great!


Now if they can only fix email so it isn’t blacklisted in so many places., .mil, These aren’t tech giants (although one is a generic giant) but if email doesn’t can’t communicate, purism will lose customers.

I guess once we bought enough Laptops, Minis, Phones, etc. from, it will become a tech giant. So it might just be a matter of time :wink:


As long as they stick to their principles, I hope for nothing less.

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No website connects to tech giants unless you, the user, explicitly permit it.