Congratulations purism

I’d say, despite not always good communicating, they managed to built the L5 from scratch during a very difficult time (pandemic, shortage of components, etc.) and they are not ready with the L5 yet.
I’m convinced, without Purism, we would not have a potentional alternative for Google/Apple devices.
For having achieved this, I congratulate them all at Purism. :ok_hand:


This. This is what I am getting at. Thank you.


I think that really undersells humanity on the whole in thinking no one else would have stepped in… I have a bit more faith in people than that.


[Off topic]
I’m not such an optimist (anymore). Common sence is rare these days. Fear is ruling the world, and we know that decissions based on fear are most of the time not the best desicions.


I guess in the best case, it would be delayed a lot.

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I was a little bit disappointed when I first got my phone because some of the controls were a bit buggy. But I’ve noticed improvements with every software update and I must say that I am more and more impressed with my Librem 5 phone. I do think that I’ll be able to use it more frequently as time passes.