Congratulations purism

After receiving my phone after 3 long years i was shocked by how good the phone was. It really exceeded my expectations. So for that i say

congratulations to the Purism team on the remarkable achievement of building Phosh and paving the way for Linux phones. you have accomplished what many believed to be impossible, especially in comparison to big tech companies like Apple and Google.

You have not only developed a Linux-based phone but have also created an entire ecosystem for it, I understand that you faced many delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but your perseverance and commitment to the project were unwavering. It’s inspiring to see Purism succeed where others, such as Canonical with Ubuntu, have failed.

Once again, congratulations on a job well done to the entire team. Your hard work and dedication are truly appreciated and admired by the majority of the community.


If Purism is doing too good of a job they might get bought/consumed by a bigger fish. Stay small and agile i’d say and don’t try to compete with Apple or Google, or get on their radar in any way :stuck_out_tongue: .


Absolutely agree

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I think where the ecosystem can improve on the Gnome side of things, and that’s mostly on Linux is offer an alternative to the Cloud infrastructure and cloud services, by not requiring them (probably why Plasma KDE isn’t the way to go) - having more of the solutions be run locally on a device or cross synced between desktop and mobile device occasionally. If Purism can support that type of effort to go cloudless (meaning server less) i am 100% behind it (Apple, and Google is moving that direction but they have some disadvantages since it doesn’t provide as many Ad Dollars).

When i think of serverless/cloudless i think of using Wormhole protocol (Warp), or Syncthing protocol (Syncthing) and the like to create connections between computers without any server, in a way that is Peer to Peer which i think is the future. Purism states they want you to be in control of your data and that would go a long way towards that goal, but expand these protocols to be used in many other OS system applications.

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Gnome has been some work on their side check.out Thanks to purism. But if the entire community of linux developers come together. In a few more years We could have a fully working OS on par with Android or IOS


Peer to peer is actually a great idea

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It’s wonderful to hear about your positive experience with your phone after three years! Your heartfelt congratulations to the Purism team for their remarkable achievement is truly well-deserved. Their dedication in building Phosh and establishing Linux phones is indeed a significant accomplishment. Your appreciation for their commitment, especially during challenging times, is inspiring. Thank you for sharing your sentiments with the community.


Agreed. Trying to bump this because I am so tired of the other drama.

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I am all about giving praise where praise is due. The development team at Purism might have bitten off more than they could chew initially and it is a factor in the time needed to move this project forward, but the work they have done is fantastic.

I am saying all of this from my Librem 5 as well right now. I am using it in convergence mode and am having no problem using my L5 as a phone and as a computer. This is what I wanted from the very beginning and they have absolutely delivered.


Another bump.

Congrats Purism. It has been an important effort, and I felt the same way when I received my L5.


Bump. More positive vibes people.

Sorry. We live in a complex world and not all vibes are positive.

I’m happy that Purism made good on their commitments to FOSS and upstreaming their contributions. I know how much more work it takes to upstream contributions and congratulate them on that.

However, I’m very disappointed that Purism, by all appearances, did not honor their “refund policy”. It’s a commitment they made as part of their sales agreement with their customers and I find Purism’s behavior on this inexcusable.


Please take your negative vibes and start your own negative vibes thread. Rail against the wind on your own negative thread. There are enough of them, pick one and go to town. I choose to be positive, sorry.


It’s not your thread, so please don’t dictate to me that it must have only “positive vibes”.

That’s great. And, clearly, you can be positive … it’s your choice. But why are you trying to gatekeep???

When you bump the thread three separate times (Aug 12, Aug 13, and today) in some sort of cheerleading effort, don’t be surprised when it attracts attention from those who think that Purism is worthy of both negative and positive attention.


Because it’s the topic and you go off-topic? You also can push other threads 3 times to say your thing about refund policy. I don’t disagree with your post, but flanders51 has a point.


The topic is “Congratulations Purism”. IMO, part of that topic is why and why not Purism is worthy of congratulations — I gave both.

Users gatekeeping as well as the multiple “bumps” are not part of the topic. Frankly I wouldn’t have even noticed it if flanders51 hadn’t bumped it.


Sorry, but I’m also gonna jump in here. I really don’t think Purism deserves a congrats. We got the product we wanted after countless question dodging, lack of transparency, and always wondering if this year will be the year I get my only aging hardware. It’s been like pulling teeth with this company. It took years for purism to convince me they weren’t a scam company. And some, like in this thread would argue they are a scam company due to all the refund BS. And on top of it all, for me personally, the phone is still only like 90-95% there for a daily driver. There is still TONS of polishing that needs to be done. Anyone who disagrees either has never owned a modern smartphone or is coping. Don’t get me wrong; I love the hardware, I love the software, and the mission of the company, but in no way do they deserve a congrats right now. I am hopeful for the next OS update.


It’s more like a “happy birthday” thread, where “sorry this person is not always nice” commentary are kinda rude (even if not forbidden).
Anyway, I don’t want a dispute with you for such topic. I just wanted to give a “3rd and neutral opinion” that you two don’t fight the whole week for this.


Depends who you’re speaking about. The devs make awesome work. Coding takes a lot of time and there are just too many thing to focus on. Some which are important and we never recognize. I think those people deserve it, even if not Purism as whole. I’m a fan of important details. :wink:


Purism. Clearly, I am speaking about Purism as a whole and the way executive functions have been carried out. In no way am I not thankful for the dev’s contributions.