Connect calendar to office365

I’m trying to use my Librem 13 for work. I can use Mailspring to connect to office365 mail, but I can’t seem to get the calendar part working. I added my Exchange account via “Online Accounts”, but I’ve opted to sync the calendar, but I the events never show up in Gnome calendar. I read something about installing “evolutotion-ews” package but it’s not available. Has anyone here been able to get Gnome calendar connected to office365? Thanks!

I can’t help you specifically with office365, although I am a customer.

I just wanted to echo that I’ve added a nextcloud account and it doesn’t sync with Gnome Calendar either, even though I have requested that it does.

I’m curious if there is a way to force a sync?

I’ve read that the evolution-ews package is the key, but I cannot get it installed. I tried to install via the debian repos but that didn’t work either.