Connect keyboard through Bluetooth

I have a keyboard that unfortunately can only be connected through Bluetooth.
I have tested the keyboard with Raspberry Pi 4 with Raspberry OS and it works fine.
When I try with Librem 5 I have the following behaviour:

  1. Pairing using the Gnome GUI works apparently fine. I get asked to enter a pin through the keyboard and after entering the pin, the keyboard gets saved as a known device so I guess that the Keyboard pairs successfully.
  2. The keyboard stays after the pairing in “disconnected” state and the connect button in the GUI is gray and inactive.

What could I try to get the keyboard to work?
If it works with Raspberry OS on RPi 4, I guess that there will be a way to bring it to life on Librem 5 as well.

Best regards

Some things to check:

  • what Bluetooth version does the keyboard want? 4.0? 5.0? and is it LE or not?
  • anything in the system journal?
  • what operating mode is your WiFi/BT card using? and what firmware version is it using?

As a data point, my ancient Logitech Bluetooth 2.0 keyboard works fine, out-of-the-box, with my Librem 5. So it can work.

If you have a Bluetooth USB dongle, for fault isolation you could try that.

Do any other Bluetooth devices work? e.g. Bluetooth speakers if you have some?


After reflashing the Librem 5 today, the keyboard is now working.