Connection issues on cellular

I have been having more and more issues lately with mobile data connections on the L5. Last night, for instance, my phone showed a perfect 4G connection for hours (wifi hks off), but it turned out that was fake news. There was no mobile data connection at all. Turning hks off/on didn’t get the indicator back for 5-10 minutes, so I restarted the phone. Again, I had to wait a looong time for a connection to be reestablished. Usually there is a fairly good signal in this area, but the L5 seems to struggle a lot sometimes to find the signal and connect to mobile data.

I am not sure, but it seems these issues have become worse after the upgrade of the cellular indicator, but it really shouldn’t have anything to do with that I guess…

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Pinephone Mobian Phosh on Mint Mobile… same experience. Been happening to me for months. Used to have solid LTE data, with occasional bouts of no data for a few days at a time. But about the time that MMS support rolled out, mobile data is almost never working, even with full signal strength and the modem in a registered state. Often, when I pass the same geographical areas (I’m pretty sure it is when I transition from one tower to another), I get a bunch of queued MMS messages and my mobile connection is good… for a few minutes. I cannot force this behavior by toggling mobile data, mobile service or by cycling power.

Weird, huh? My gut tells me it is a software problem… fixable, but maybe hard for the developers to find the trigger.

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tomoqv, what service are you using? Also, are both of you set to 4g only?

I’ve tried 4G only and 2-3-4, no difference. I hope it gets fixed soon, because Mint is turning off 3G in July. SMS has worked fine through all of this, but I’m afraid it will end up like MMS when 3G goes away.

I assume if you tried 4G only, that you have gone through the enjoyable steps of enabling VoLTE?

Noooo… but that’s because Pinephone LTE works without it, presumably due to the modem/firmware differences vs. the L5. My wild-ass guess is that because we are having similar/same problem on two hardware platforms, while sharing much of the software stack, there could be a common software problem.

Right, I did see that you were on Pinephone, but then my brain cast that information out with another sip of whiskey 5 seconds later. So to your point of a possible software issue, if SMS keeps working the whole time [including with 4G only], maybe it’s a software-based VoLTE issue that is presenting itself more as they phase out the lesser G’s?

I doubt SMS will follow MMS, since the latter requires data and SMS does not.

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I know that SMS does not require data if you have access to 2 or 3G. Is that still true if you only have 4G? I suppose it is, or I would have noticed SMS fall on its ass when I was set to 4G only.

I could use that whiskey about now!

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That is also the only reason I know as well.

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