Consider Adding A FLOSS Digital Assistant Such As: Lucida

Things are moving towards digital assistants, especially for things like controlling household lights, music, thermostat, etc. Why not take a look at Lucida. Some people say it works better than Siri, but personally I don’t know since I haven’t used it YET. Since Purism is taking a crack at the smart phone business, why not seriously consider a FLOSS digital assistant. In the next 2 1/2 years, smartphones without digital assistants may be considered non-standard.

I’m not saying invest a lot in it here, I’m saying add it if you can just to get something decent working. It can be updated as time goes on. I think producing a smartphone without a digital assistant would be a mistake. Heck, in my personal opinion if this was included in the crowdfunding and in video, you guys would have better success.

I don’t know if Lucida will work on Linux, as I cannot find any information on supported OS’s. Looks like it may be iOS only. So I took the time to try and track down other FLOSS Digital Assistants that I know can be made to work on PureOS:


EDIT: since I’m new, I can only put two links in a post. I removed the Lucida link, but it can be easily googled.


There’s also this assistant: SUSI.AI