Considerations for RAM/SSD upgrades on Librem Mini

After buying Librem Mini, I will upgrade the disk/RAM myself.

Are there any pitfalls to keep in mind? If it fits, can I assume it will just work fine? I mean, could there be any risks at all such as overheating (for instance if I accidentally buy “too fast” RAM or an NVMePro disk)? Any other potential risks?

I’m not a hardware person, so sorry for the dumb questions.

be sure to buy or lend an anti-static-wrist thingy so you don’t ‘fry’ your components/modules.

for the L-Mini-v2 you should ask support when and if you place your order assuming you also make a contribution to the fund-your-app page beforehand.

brb when i have my LMv2 !

If you buy RAM or an SSD that’s rated higher than what your Librem can do, then the hardware will just not run as fast as it possibly could. So for example, if the Librem can only run RAM at, say, 2333 MHz and you put 3200 MHz RAM in there, then your 3200 MHz RAM will only run at 2333 MHz. Same for the SSD.

exactly. however, Purism doesn’t use AMD processors so RAM speed doesn’t matter that much (as would be the case with AMD). as long as it’s DDR4 (the smaller-size-module variety for laptops) @ 2133/2400/2666 mhz it should be fine.

also buying two RAM modules is nice, but ONE will do just fine if there isn’t anything particularly demanding that you know is worth buying TWO from the get-go …