Considering to buy Librem5 in comparison to Graphen OS

Hi there,
I wonder if you could give me some insides on your Opinion in the comparison between a Librem5 Linux phone and a Pixel running kernel hardening Android without Google.

Thx Stephan

If you have more detailed questions I can surely help. I’m using a Pixel with GrapheneOS so far. GrapheneOS seems to be very secure but e.g. can’t do anything against those baseband issues. You will have separate hardware switches for that on the Librem 5. Also the driver and OS support for Android is very limited so you won’t get new major- and security upgrades after 2 or 3 years.


Thx for the reply. Coming from Android Graphen seems to be the natural choice. The limited lifetime due to stopping security updates after 2-3 years seems to be the most important selling point for librem so far. Do you know of any plans of the Graphen OS community to support the pixels past this time period ? Otherwise it seems like an dying project due too the missing support of the newer devices (pixel 4). Greetings Stephan

The developer stated that he can only support current Pixels during their official support lifetime. Afaik there haven’t been much help by the community right now, so it is mainly a one-man-show at the moment.

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Too bad that there is no way of monetizing the os because for a one man show the developer does brilliant work. I would be willing to pay
for ongoing support but as it stands now I don’t want to jump on a dying horse. I guess librem is then the best choice available.


Yes that’s it. I would pay for it, too. Unfortunately I own a Pixel 2 which won’t receive many more updates - so I will buy a used Pixel 4 after that. In the meantime I should receive my Librem 5 Evergreen, can get used to it, replace more and more apps and someday maybe use it as the main and only phone. If that’s not “possible” - I will use it as secondary until the day a useable successor gets available. But the Librem 5 is a big step in the right direction I think.