Constant freezing, lagging and watching videos is impossible

Hey Librem Community,

I recently purchased a Librem 15 and until recently I was very satisfied with my purchase. Albeit, watching videos and playing games on the computer is impossible, as games frequently stutter, audio is completely messed up and out of sync and videos lag every 3 seconds.

I hope this is a Driver-based issue, rather than the computer being faulty.

Does anyone have a list of Driver Updates for me to install?

hello ! go to > then >

how long has it been since you received yours assuming it is new and under warranty ?

have you done anything to it to void the warranty ?

it might be possible for you to RMA (return-to-manufacturer) if it’s warranty is not void > see >

feedback and suggestions >

I’ve only changed the OS. Aside that I’ve done nothing. Maybe it’s due to the drivers? Can you provide driver update download lists please.

What do you mean by that? Changed the distro? Or just applied a few updates to the existing distro?

For the avoidance of doubt, what distro are you running?

The good news is that this suggests it’s a software issue and you don’t need to return your machine. On the other hand, that also means that the solution can be a good bit trickier. See kieran’s questions and let us know that information, and we’ll see what we can find out.

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Currently running Pop!_os, but I still had the problem when I used PureOS.

I want to stay loyal to Purism. If I return it, I’m getting a Librem 13 v4. No matter what I’ll continue using the Librem products.

For support and troubleshooting purposes, I think Purism will want you to demonstrate and reproduce the fact that the problem happens with PureOS. (At least Pop!_OS is Ubuntu-derived which in turn is Debian-derived so there is commonality with PureOS but Purism support may not have Pop!_OS conveniently available to them.)

“watching videos” also raises the question as to what software you are using. A media player included in the distro? A different media player? A web browser? Which media player / web browser?

In some cases it might be relevant to give the specifications of the video e.g. frame rate, resolution, bit depth.

Or a URL for a video, if applicable?

In the absence of any other info, it sounds like a software problem.

The problem is with virtually all videos. Browser based, Media player based, if there’s a video it lags. I believe that this is due to a constant screen refreshing rate, though I’m unsure; I do though believe that this has to do with software.

you said you use Pop!_OS but you didn’t specify if you are dual booting or is it a single OS instead of just default PureOS … well good news is that you probably browse the www with Mozilla Firefox …

could you first ?

  1. sudo apt update
  2. sudo apt upgrade (confirm with y)

then let us know if you can stream this 720p yt-video > (don’t worry it’s just a beginners guide to the bash shell inside a gnu/linux terminal-emulator window)

how much total installed RAM does your machine have ? how much free space do you have left on the device you boot your OS from ? is it an SSD or an HDD ?