Controlling Fan Speed in PureOS

What is the default software mechanism to control fan speeds in PureOS? My fans are not running often or high enough and my computer gets very hot. If I use mbpfan, I can control the fan speeds better, but I end up with a crazy kworker process that uses one of my processors at 100%. This is on a MacBook Pro.



i think that feature needs to be implemented in the firmware and BIOS (coreboot) in Librem laptops first in order to work as we are accustomed to from the MSI/ASUS/ASROCK proprietary manufacturers. it’s not a feature of the OS itself. if it isn’t in the UEFI/BIOS then it probably isn’t any desktop app or program that can do this. the kernel has to touch the firmware and BIOS first to have acces to such functions. there is still a ways to go for this kind of convenience.

maybe a separate hardware module to be built in future versions of librem laptops ? or just use a dedicated slab-top cooler or diy/hack your own from a good Noctua 120mm fan.

I appreciate the info about the Librem, but that doesn’t apply to me right now since I’m running PureOS on alternative hardware. Is there any debian software that will control the fans without taking over a processor? I haven’t found anything useful yet…


if it is proprietary and it’s one of the ones listed above - if the motherboard has UEFI/BIOS mode you can enter and see if there isn’t anything in there that would allow you to control your fans from directly inside.

like i said GNU/Linux distros do some things very good while some other things are left to be accesed in other ways. windows apps provided by those same companies that sell the proprietary motherboards directly acces the UEFI/BIOS features that are present in the firmware they don’t magically enable fan configuration and curves if those features are not in place allready. that’s why they say proprietary modern UEFI/BIOSES are GUI OSes in their own right. they offer some convenient features but take away your freedom in return ( which is more valuable than convenience )

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My solution was to install TLP and configure “CPU_SCALING_MAX_FREQ_ON_AC” and “CPU_SCALING_MAX_FREQ_ON_BAT”
I set them both to 2700000 and my fan doesn’t ramp all the way up anymore.

The i7-7500U has a higher max frequency of 3.5 GHz but intel’s specs call this a “Turbo” frequency. 2.7Ghz is the normal running freq.It shouldn’t be staying at 3.5Ghz all the time anyway.

Hope this helps someone.

Shouldn’t need a fan at all, with good thermal dissipation and a good heat sink. This is only a dual core CPU (not quad core) and has a typical TDP of only 15W (25W max).

However that doesn’t take into account any other components that may be present and pumping out heat e.g. one or two disks, display, …