Convergence mode apps keep switching to vertical view

using Nexdock a lot lately but I’ve noticed apps moved to external screen keep switching back to vertical mode. I’m not sure if I’m explaining this correctly and I can’t recreate it reliably to record.
Let me know if anyone else see similar behavior or more importantly if anyone has solution for this.

Like it thinks the Nexdock’s screen is a big phone screen?

More like it thinks there is another librem5 ? App doesn’t occupy full height of nexdock. I tried using screen recorder utility but it didn’t save video. This behavior happens mostly when i’m moving cursor. Maybe nexdock mouse area wrongly detects clicks?
[EDIT]: Screen record works with single / built-in screen only

This setup (Nexdock as external screen) works perfectly when I use external mouse (instead of nexdock touch pad).
I think touch pad registers normal moving finger and press and drag.
Marking this as solution to clarify if someone else sees the issue