Convergence & Python environment

Quick question ~ will the convergence of PureOS between the laptop and phone allow for a Python scripting environment to work on the phone/kit as it would on the laptop? Basically, could I work on my Python projects on the phone in the same way I would on the laptop or a Ubuntu machine? Would make traveling more convenient…

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Python is same across all platform, just keep in mind the v2 and v3 syntax.

Are you some kind of masochist? Maybe it’s a new fetish…
Who can code on a 5’ screen honestly…

Thanks, I mean, I’m assuming I would have a monitor/keyboard kit hooked up to the phone.
So, I could install a Python 3 virtual environment no problem?

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Sparing the elitism, I appreciate you taking the time to respond!



I thought about the same. It would be nice to hook it up to a screen and continue on your projects (even tho I just started with python).

We will see …

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I don’t see why not. The Librem 5 is a bog-standard Linux computer that just happens to look like a phone and that just happens to have a few non-traditional components on board.

You could theoretically run into issues with certain libraries written in C that aren’t written in a portable fashion, and hence won’t compile on the phone’s architecture. But frankly I don’t know if any of those exist.


hi ! since you posted this under "Phones (Librem 5) keep in mind that this is the first iteration aiming for convergeance but it’s not an actual workstation class computer. be reasonable. it’s awesome for what it wants to be but if you are willing to hook it up to an external monitor/keyboard through a dock of some kind then you are probably better of doing it on a laptop in the first place.

I really don’t see why python development wouldn’t be possible on this device. I wonder if our python programs will scale to the phone like other apps do if we stick to GTK and tkinter. I am working on a project right now and I was wondering if I would have to retool the GUI for the phone. I am sure there is information about that in the wiki somewhere. But I am more focused on coding the darned thing at the moment.

the thing about python is that it’s focused on single thread performance and less so with multi-core but perhaps other comunity members could interject here.

it wouldn’t be impossible to do it on the L5 but you would be much more productive on a laptop or a desktop with higher single core clocks.

@reC: people have been coding Python on Raspberry Pi’s, so for the purpose of this question (a little coding on the go), I think this phone will do just fine.

Usability notwithstanding, of course. I mean, you’d definitely need to carry a keyboard along, since I don’t see myself writing actual code on an on-screen keyboard. And the display size doesn’t make it very comfortable either, especially if your eyesight isn’t the best. But performance wise, I don’t see any issues.

Damn, now I’m thinking of how cool it would be to have a foldable keyboard that the phone could dock in, with a larger battery built in for increased autonomy… :wink:


Whoever would actually code on a phone is a glutton for punishment. I’m pretty sure I would be in a white coat living in a padded cell after a few days. external keyboard or not. :smiley:

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I agree one would be a glutton for punishment (as I am not a psiliac, I wouldn’t be a gluten for punishment)…I can barely stand to browse the web on such a tiny screen (especially since a lot of mobile sites insist on covering half of it with bullshit controls and/or “create an account now” banners). Actually try to develop code? I want to see about 50 (or more) lines of text with at least 90 columns…in multiple windows!

Try doing that on a smart phone.

If coding is hard on a mobile, try editing!

but … but we will AT LEAST be able to LOOK at the source on the L5 :wink: … of OTHER stuff in our ecosystem. or just glance at it (pretty please)