Convergence + Send/Receive SMS

I’ve had excellent luck with Librem5 since owning it. I do have a couple of ‘small issues’ that I think I’m interested in developing an understanding of the pathway towards solving, and maybe investing effort/resources towards the solution.

Convergence + Send and Receive SMS:

I use a ‘random’ USBC dock from Comsol which works for convergence for my keyboard monitor and mouse. It makes the whole experience of this phone worthwhile. Usually I have to plug the HDMI cable in while the phone is in lock screen or it gets an device.

  • While in convergence If I receive or send an SMS anything plugged into the dock is disconnected. If it comes back again (which is not always) and the SMS is still transmitting the screen is flickering and flashing like crazy, but mostly I’d have to disconnect the dock, go back to lock screen and plug the dock back in. It makes a conversation while in convergence a bit problematic. I’d be interested in investing time/effort into this problem mostly.

I also have this idea to create a dashboard controller for my car with a MakeyMakey board for ‘hands(on phone)free’ media and phone usage, so I’m interested to know if anyone is already doing something like this.

Small Issues:

  • Media Output Bluetooth works in car but no Phone Bluetooth - I imagine this is going to take a level of technical expertise above my current skill-set but it might be a good project to work on.
  • is there a bluetooth headset that works with L5 that I could use for testing, and then maybe understanding how to make the car do that?
  • Speaker phone doesn’t do anything during calls, it’s all just through the normal speaker and mic, volume doesn’t change or anything that I can notice.
  • It would be great to be able to send/receive MMS these messages just disappear as though they never existed for the receiver, or if I’m the receiver same thing.