Cookies Required for Forum Usage

When I tried to sign up for this forum, it said: “We cannot detect if your account was created, please ensure you have cookies enabled.” So I had to use another browser to sign up because I wasn’t going to disable my various privacy features in order to sign up… This requirement seems like it goes against the ethos of your software.

  1. why sign up if you want to stay anonymous?
  2. how would the site know you are signed in if not by a cookie?
  3. you can add exceptions for sites you trust. If you don’t trust, see 1.

It is more about the fact that even after disabling the adblock it was giving this error. My browser is not highly customized - and I was using Chrome. So when I couldn’t figure out how to fix the error, I just tried with Vivaldi and it worked.

There are other techniques for a web server to manage logged in sessions (state).

  • Hidden form field
  • URL cruft

Cookies are convenient though.