Copy and paste doest work on librem5

Copy and paste as well as right click doesn’t work on the new update :roll_eyes:. I just received my phone I will write a bit about in a later post…overall Good job Purism job well done…the librem 5 is better than I expected

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Yes, copy+paste does not work as it should, for example trying to copy text from a received SMS.

I found these possible workarounds:

  • use the “terminal”-style keyboard and do ctrl+C
  • connect a physical keyboard via the USB port and do ctrl+C using the physical keyboard

It works for me, using the dedicated keyboard keys:

I just tested with text from a received SMS (Chatty), pasting to a new text file in Text Editor.


Okay, good, but I think what @MidnightSun meant (or at least what I meant) is that it does not work to copy text by long-press and a menu appearing. I think that is supposed to work, but it does not work.

I mean, usually with a touchscreen device you can drag your finger to select text and then longpress on the selection to get a menu allowing you to choose “copy”. (without involving the keyboard at all)

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Yeah, but I think we can all agree the L5 is a little different at most things. :wink:

That said, I have used that drag/longpress technique in some apps on the L5, I think. It was temperamental, though.

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Yes, I think it is something that can work depending on how the app does things, probably needs to be fixed for each app separately. It works nicely in the text editor (gedit), but not in chatty.

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