Copy file from Nextcloud

My phone arrived today. It talks to my Nextcloud. Contacts and Calendar entries show in the phones contacts and calendar apps.

I’d like to copy music from my Nextcloud to my Librem 5. The Files app shows files there. I touch a folder and it opens and shows expected files. Touch and hold opens an option menu that offers a Copy option, but it takes no input that I can see.

So, it’s a problem with Nextcloud in Files or the Files app itself having issues with touch control.

Any suggestions?

I did manage to accidentally copy a folder from one Nextcloud folder to another. This was while trying to use drag and drop for the operation.

The interface in Files is just not working correctly seems to be the issue.

OK, using the “burger” menu I managed to copy a folder from Nextcloud and paste it into a local folder. Good enough for now I suppose.

Still, what’s up with the Files option menu not allowing me to select something from the context type menu with Copy, Paste, etc. when I click on a folder or file?

I installed the desktop client on my phone and set up the folders I wanted to sync with otherwise you’re stuck doing it manually like you described. It’s working fine for me.