Copy-Pasteing text from the forum can be tedious because of the behavior of "Quote"

The forum is a great place to share ideas, opinions and code in the form of text. To facilitate the referring to previous posts, one can easily select the text snippet one refers to in the new post and click on the “Quote” popup to do just that. This is very convenient when quoting. However, because the text is deselected at the same time, it makes it virtually impossible to select text for copying. This means, to copy text, one has to go through the extra steps of clicking the “Quote” button and then selecting the text again in the composition window or open the source code of the website or the “Inspect Element”.

My suggestion would be to deselect the text after the “Quote” button has been clicked. This way one could use the standard copy pasting mechanism together with the “Quote” functionality. This also has the added benefit, that the text to be quoted remains visually marked before hitting the “Quote” button. At the time of writing once the “Quote” button is on display the range of the quote is not visible any more.

The behavior seems to be different when text, quted text and code snippets are selected. Sometimes Quote button blinks up, disappears again and the selection is gone, sometimes the selection remains and the Quote button too and sometimes. e.g. try selecting the beginning of the line after a Quote (e.g. here Selecting the fist two words results in the deselecton of text described above: selecting from the beginning of the line until sudo (inside an inline code block) changes to the desired behavior with the selected text and Quote popup.

The bhavior is also inconsistent with different ways of selecting text. In the same post liked above try selecting the word “permission” with a double click. This expands the selection to the next word, the Quote button blinks up, but disappears again. If you click and hold the mouse at the beginning of the same line, move the mouse to the end of the quoted line and let go, the line is deselected, but the Quote shows up.

This issue started annoying me when copy pasting code snippets (probably complete or partial shell commands for the battery issue) from the forum didn’t work as expected for me because of the automatic deselection.

I’m not sure that I see this behaviour.

Select text. Yes, there is visual annoyance of “Quote” popping up. Text remains selected. Press CTRL/C to copy to clipboard. Then do whatever you want with the text e.g. drop it into gedit or LibreOffice Writer or …


I’m using Firefox. YMMV if you use a different browser.

What browser are you using? For me it stays selected (lightly customized Firefox).

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I use the default Web browser in PureOS. Everything up to date.

If that can be confirmed then that would be badness™ i.e. the Purism forum not working properly in the Purism default browser.

Another observation: double-click the first word of a paragraph. The word selection blinks up and the Quote button remains, with the cursor blinking at the beginning of the paragraph. But now, pressing shift and the right arrow can not be used any more to adjust the selection or make a new one as long as the Quote button remains.