CoreBoot/Libreboot - open BIOS?

Guys, big fan, great work!

Something that isn’t clear to me: Are these supporting CoreBoot or Libreboot open BIOS?

What exactly is the BIOS you’re using?

Hi, Librem 13 supports initial coreboot (which I or someone else will do it at some point :slight_smile: ).

The answer for BIOS - I guess the standard one that comes with these chips - but configured to run Linux on it without problems.

Btw, thanks - we welcome community participation more than anything else so feel free to ask/comment anything :slight_smile:

Thanks Zlatan!

Curious, can you provide what the BIOS/EFI chipset is? (make, model, ID)?

About the Coreboot/LibreBoot issue: Is anyone able to comment on the status? Does CoreBoot or LibreBoot work on the Librems, yet? There was some rumor about that somewhere. I somehow expected to see more updates on this issue on the official blog but I guess everyone is busy packing the laptops and preparing for shipping or something …

BIOS Information
Vendor: American Megatrends Inc.
Version: 5.6.5
Release Date: 06/18/2015
Address: 0xF0000
Runtime Size: 64 kB
ROM Size: 6144 kB
PCI is supported
BIOS is upgradeable
BIOS shadowing is allowed
Boot from CD is supported
Selectable boot is supported
BIOS ROM is socketed
EDD is supported
5.25"/1.2 MB floppy services are supported (int 13h)
3.5"/720 kB floppy services are supported (int 13h)
3.5"/2.88 MB floppy services are supported (int 13h)
Print screen service is supported (int 5h)
8042 keyboard services are supported (int 9h)
Serial services are supported (int 14h)
Printer services are supported (int 17h)
ACPI is supported
USB legacy is supported
BIOS boot specification is supported
Targeted content distribution is supported
UEFI is supported
BIOS Revision: 5.6

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@Adoa there is a basic coreboot support for Librem 13 but we still didn’t integrate it. And yes, you’re correct we are very busy packing laptops for shipping and many other things but we will also do the coreboot integration.

Since my Librem is currently shipping now, I guess I will need to flash coreboot onto the mainboard ROM myself. I am wondering whether I should use the mainline coreboot or whether you guys are going to provide a modified coreboot/libreboot version for us somewhere …

I’m also particularly interested in this, as I just got my Librem 13:) Any updates?

Still the same, we are busy with ongoing work, the initial coreboot for Librem13 exists but no one had yet time to work. Anyone from community is welcome to do it and properly document it’s integration and we will reward them. :slight_smile: