Coreboot, should I update?

Should I update coreboot in my L13v3 ?
I read the post and seems useful to do it. I am just a little hesitant since I have never done such a thing. Works ok? I guess I should follow


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The script is very robust and has good error checking. You just need to know the model of Librem you have, and you do. I updated my L13v3 just yesterday and it worked without any problems. This script will also let you change your boot order which is handy.

Just note if you have never done it before, the initial use will be quite lengthy as it has to compile a bunch of stuff. This is normal. The script is VERY well made.

Go for it!


Thank you! I will try.

FWIW I just updated my 13v4 running Fedora 31. Had to install a couple of packages:
sudo dnf install dmidecode flashrom

Everything seems to be working fine.

I’d like to know whether one should in fact do this update. I don’t see a changelog or anything about what was updated or why it would be important to update. I did hear something about some changes to Coreboot on probably DestinationLinux, but I’m not sure. Anyhow, the changes didn’t seem pertinent to Librem laptops or PureOS, both of which I use.

That’s what I wanted to see. Thanks!

OK, I’m a little afraid here. I have the LibremKey, so I’m using PureBoot (coreboot/Heads). After selecting that though for the device serial number it says that “extracted from you local system” is “unknown.”

Coreboot/SeaBIOS: Did it today. Easy, unproblematic procedure using the method mentioned in the above link. Well made script, Purism. Great.

Did it! Worked fine!

Thanks to all coreboot developers! I finally get silent boot!!!

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