Coronavirus Delay?


Pine just announced that there will be production and shipment delays of their products due to coronavirus quarantine in Guangdong Province, where much of their hardware is produced. I know that Shenzhen is in Guangdong, and that Shenzhen has been mentioned in previous posts as a supplier for Librem 5 parts (no surprise, as many phone parts are from that region). Can anyone at Purism comment on whether this will impact the Librem 5 delivery schedule (specifically the “mass production” batch Evergreen)?

So whats the deal with the battery?
Coronavirus delaying Librem 5

I’ve been wondering about this too, reading about possible affects on China’s ecomomy, and am glad someone has finally posted about it. How many of the parts are made in China? There is a table for the Librem 5 USA, but not for the normal Librem 5. What if it is a worse case scenario, and China’s economy collapses? That is a pretty alarmist one, but people have put forward the possibility.


I don’t expect Dogwood to be shipped before March anyway. Reasons are: more development/improvement time for Purism and Chinese New Year celebration.
If Corona will have an additional impact can not seriously be predicted now, as nobody knows what the virus does with all the traveling going on during the Chinese New Year.
However, if it will have a serious impact, it will not only affect the Librem 5 and you’ll read about it in the newspapers, too…


… and if China’s economy collapses then whether there is a delay in getting your L5 may be the least of your worries.


Pine had shipment delays even before coronavirus. Additionally the whole german batch is on halt, because of missing fcc/ce-certification. The community should better be quiet about it, so that other EU customers can get their phone through customs even without ce.


I have mixed feeling about “being quiet” about missing certifications. I’ll better not think too much into it with my idealistic idea of how the world and society should be :blush:

Regarding the corona virus I also have less concerns regarding delays - delays because of those reasons can always happen especially if you are a small company as purism. Personally I hope corona gets away soon - I have vacations planned in Japan in April and my flight has a transition in Beijing :open_mouth:


Some delays are to be expected now, as current holiday in China has beenordered to be prolonged by a week in all the major manufacturing provinces (about NAND production). Some slowness should be expected in the coming months as precautionary measures will surely be imposed all over.

But, the real question is, will this be noticeable to anyone waiting to get a phone eventually? I’d doubt it at this point. Other development issues will probably hinder more. This could turn out to be a blessing.

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Since **xit happened (and L5 lost that race), maybe the next challenge is, will there be a fully working (definition needs debate) and delivered phone before the one year anniversary of the previous shipment deadline (31st Aug - disregarding the batches)…?


Good thing about the librem 5 is the thing runs so damn hot all you have to do is run the device and it will kill any virus that may have transferred to it .


Yes, the Coronavirus/China supply-chain matter is real. I’ve been watching this since December. The situation is not improving so far–it’s just growing exponentially. It’s a pandemic at this point, no doubt.
zerohedge has been following it closely .


i think this whole debacle with ‘coronavirus’ is yet another social-engineering stunt … not saying that the virus isn’t real though … someone screwed up somewhere and now it’s the people paying for it as usual …


I’m just going to take this opportunity to say how much I love copper again…

I’m also a big fan of UV -C light/Ozone for surfaces but you have to be super careful using that.


It is not a pandemic. There is a W.H.O. definition for levels and it’s not there yet (it’s about local clustering, as in, it’s mainly China for now). Previous examples became manageable and non-issue in few months or less than a year, and it was still mostly business as usual. Delays are because of the preventative measures, not because all the workers are sick.

It’s a bit jarring to speculate on something as small as a possible delay (of few weeks, at most at this point, with much bigger other unknowns effecting completion) in getting a phone when there is other peoples health on the line. There is already a problem with misinformation around this, so speculation should be kept to a minimum (or preferably taken to another topic thread in another category - or another forum that deals with this).


The WHO also tapped different search and social media platforms such as Google, Facebook, Tencent, Baidu, Twitter, TikTok, Weibo, Pinterest, among others to help in spreading the right information about the novel coronavirus.

“We are asking them to filter out false information and promote accurate information from credible sources like WHO, CDC (Centers for Disease Control) and others,” said the WHO official.

Yeah, and that problem is censorship.. Which is why I’m so happy to be a user of these forums :slight_smile:


Anyone is free to make a new thread at the round table category and argue there why context matters or not.


Nya, I’m not out to argue about it. The world is doing what it’s doing and I’m doing my own thing (as usual :wink: ) On the bright side, I cleaned my apartment to a degree, I’m eating bell peppers for the vitamin C like they’re going out of style (and more of other veggies to boost my immunity because I’m in Toronto), I bought a respirator (which is good because now I have one and will wear it while soldering etc. because I never did before when I should have been), I made a pretty copper knit case for my current phone and other things I touch frequently, I’m smoking less because I can’t wash my hands while waiting for the bus etc. and I’m totally avoiding bars, etc, etc… The list goes on but mostly nCov has only affected me by forcing positive lifestyle changes :slight_smile:


yeah … but the point is you never know what’s going to get you even IF you have a PERFECT lifestyle …


Well, another constellation, albeit anecdotal; my line of work/business is personal care products and the like. Basically, we fill bottles with liquid. As such, a great deal of our business concerns container & packaging. Conpak–for the US and likely the rest of the world at present–is almost entirely manufactured in China. This is everything from PET water bottles to deodorant and chap-stick applicators. Right now, we’ve been told by our suppliers in the US that these problems in China will soon effect us; that particular lines/models of products may become unavailable.

Technical definition of “pandemic” aside, China has quarantined more than 50 million people (as of Feb 7). We’re talking home lock-down, where every 5 days a single member of the household may leave to get supplies. All this–officially reported, which in this case is likely very conservative numbers–is happening within 7 major cities. Moreover, buses and trains in over half of China’s provinces have been cancelled. They’ve basically cancelled New Year’s celebrations across the country too.

This isn’t a small outbreak. I think it’s fair to say we’ve not seen an event like this before. Should we panic? No, I’m not saying that. Although, for now, if you care to, we should observe closely and stay aware. That’s all I’m really saying.


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This is not relevant to the topic and is an example of a less than scientific remedy and misinformation, see and


well that’s more than my entire country’s population and the ones in diaspora + the 20+ millions aborted so yeah i think it’s SERIOUS …