Coronavirus Delay?


well that’s more than my entire country’s population and the ones in diaspora + the 20+ millions aborted so yeah i think it’s SERIOUS …


You’re right, I should have more silver and gold! :smile:
Tee hee, but copper is more my price point :frowning: Colloidal silver for the cutting board seems like a great idea! I’m actually still looking into air quality and, depending on kill contact/time dried liquid colloidal silver on a filter may be in proper order, thanks :slight_smile:


Is any thread here fully on topic ? Really? However, they’re always fabulously entertaining and this is a forum I come to for fun, not work. There’s that wiki if you’re just looking to do research on the Librem 5 for an article or what not :slight_smile: Besides, what’s the harm in @lunardigs telling me about silver…that I buy this brand of plaster

instead of the leading brand

like a good little consumer ?


“stays on longer” … and comes off like a m073r-fuck3r … ouch … better watch out if you still want hair … :sweat_smile:


At the end of the day, noone from Purism has commented that there is any production delay for the Librem 5.


HA HA HA Dude(ette) you got flagged for…for…for chemistry! Tee hee, what times we live in. Hi from Toronto; You are not alone :slight_smile: :heartpulse:


Hah! Well, no good deed goes unpunished.

Let’s see if it happens again.
Ahem … Colloidal Silver is good and useful. It could quite possibly help in dealing with the Coronavirus. It is widely known to have antimicrobial properties.

Is this the evil message that should be hidden?

Do I simply need to add another sentiment here, less it be flagged again. How about this then …
Due to it’s tasteless, odorless and colorless nature, not only is it good for use on cutting boards, but it’s also very useful upon computer peripherals, like keyboards, mice, touchscreens, etc.–including your Librem 5!


Nice save


Hah! I knew it was you :wink:
Just kidding, it was probably Richard :wink:


And here I just ordered a couple computer components to build a new PC using libreboot on an older Gigabyte board with surprise surprise two components coming from China. I’ll probably be waiting till June :joy:


I don’t think that silver will help against viruses, though it could be effective against bacteria which nCov isn’t. Personally I use those kind of bandages on burns only, anything else is Neosporin or water & soap.


:confused: why are we talking about the anti bacterial properties of silver in a Librem 5 forum…


Calm down. If it’s making your life worse then get a refund. Besides, nothing that can be faulted about the way things are going is his fault.

Nobody is making you do something you don’t want to. You do have the option to bail and get your money back.


Apple fanboys react like that. Purism Censorship huh? My post was NOT aggressive , threatening or malicious!! Just give me my Evergreen phone and I will be happy and quiet and not “bother” you people. Goodbye


What makes you think colloidal silver isn’t effective against viruses?
Btw, I have to admit, the first time I heard about silver being used for ingestion, etc., I thought it’s was nutty.


Well, for instance, Purism could take the Librem 5 shell–or this could be an after-market case–and impregnate it with silver. Thus making it antimicrobial. After all, the amount of handling a phone sees and all the places it’s set down, it would make sense. The coronavirus is a very strong case as to why one might endeavour. This is how the conversation came up, it’s the approximate subject of the thread … It seems germane to me.


Because phones, all phones, are nasty and germ laden :frowning: There areuv-c phone cleaners on the market but the problem with those is the ozone they generate as a byproduct that is definitely not good for electronics. Also I guess there’s a bit of case design interest too.


I think this question is pretty much answering itself in the news. It would be nice to hear something official from Purism, but I’m just going to mark this thread answered and end this silliness, because it doesn’t look like anything official is forthcoming.


Hear hear! I’ll help and close it for you :wink:

We were talking about it internally today and Kyle just posted this in the News for Dogwood? thread.

News for Dogwood?