Corrupted /boot partition

I accidentally corrupted my /boot partition on /dev/sda1 using the dd command.

Is their a way to reinstall the bootloader or recover from this mistake?

Thanks in advance!

I have pureboot on a 15v4

Do you have a backup?

I was able to make a back of my home directory. So, I’m not completely lost. No backup image of the /boot sector or drive though.

You woukd have to:

  • boot from usb stick
  • get root and a terminal
  • identify and mount your / (root) partition under, say, /mnt
  • chroot /mnt
  • inside chroot: mount /proc, /dev and /boot
  • and then update-initramfs -c

Good luck! There are probably some gotchas along the way, that I missed…