Could Librem phone run Nextcloud server?

Just wondering if one could do a snapd install of a nextcloud server, and then use ngrok to access it.

In short, yes you should be able to do that yes.

We are not investing on snaps, but I see no reason why you cannot install it.

Maybe this answers some questions

Oooh, that video was awesome, thanks Howil.

So, earlier today I installed a PureOS on VMware and just like in my ubuntu server I easily installed snap, nextcloud, and ran ngrok, and was easily accessible outside the LAN.

Joao, should I assume that the Librem 5 uses a complete-enough OS that I’ll be able to do the same?

You can try for yourself - here’re instructions how to run L5 emulator.

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Yes, you have access to all the same packages.

Thanks. I tried it yesterday and unfortunately couldn’t unlock the screen in Windows Qemu (controls didn’t seem to work), and in Linux Mint the terminal said something about a cpu incompatibility while Qemu KVM was trying to load up the OS.
I’m quite a beginner at these things.