CPU fan stuck at high speed sometimes


I’ve got the same issue on a Librem 13v3. Hope this is going to be addressed soon. The machine is nice but this is really annoying.


Our coreboot devs are working on this, it is all I can say for now.


Hi Mladen,

I just recently posted in this thread: Fan full blast after sleep, coreboot and Intel ME

However seeing your reply its good to know that purism is aware of the issue.

Can you share any updates?

Librem 13 Screen Flicker / crash linked to wifi / kill switch

I really hope there is a fix for this issue, it’s driving me nuts.


Seems like not happening as often as it used to do after wakeup. But it still happens from time to time. Usually @400MHz.


I’ve been dealing with this as well on my 13 v3 with the latest coreboot installed. According to phoronix, there’s no Fan Speed sensors available on the hardware. This makes me sad and I’d really like to know if v4 of the Librem 13 will provide the sensor?