CPU fan stuck at high speed sometimes

I’ve got the same issue on a Librem 13v3. Hope this is going to be addressed soon. The machine is nice but this is really annoying.

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Our coreboot devs are working on this, it is all I can say for now.

Hi Mladen,

I just recently posted in this thread: Fan full blast after sleep, coreboot and Intel ME

However seeing your reply its good to know that purism is aware of the issue.

Can you share any updates?

I really hope there is a fix for this issue, it’s driving me nuts.

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Seems like not happening as often as it used to do after wakeup. But it still happens from time to time. Usually @400MHz.

I’ve been dealing with this as well on my 13 v3 with the latest coreboot installed. According to phoronix, there’s no Fan Speed sensors available on the hardware. This makes me sad and I’d really like to know if v4 of the Librem 13 will provide the sensor?

Same problem here with Librem15v3. Shipped Nov. 2018.

@ Purism Devs.: Let me know if I can help.

This happens sometime for me to. What I do is simply shut the lid, it sleeps, and when I open the lid again, the fan speed is corrected.

During the last days every 1st waking up (opening lid) produced the fan revving up. Closing and starting 2nd time solved it.

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Come to think of it, I’ve noticed the same thing from time to time, on a 15v3 that arrived in early December.

CORRECTION: It’s a 13v3.

coreboot version 4 on 13v3 and I can get the fan to rev up by plugging in the charger cord.

I also experience the occasional high fan speed upon wake syndrome, on my Librem 13v2 (L13V2-US-I7) that shipped in September 2018. I replaced the OS with Ubuntu within days of first use, but I didn’t change any firmware. The fan only seems to stop when I power off the machine completely.

Also experiencing this on a librem 13 v4, CPU stuck at 400Mhz, fans running at full speed.

the fix is to keep opening and closing the laptop until it stops.

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can anyone confirm if this is a firmware issue or is it something on the higher ring ?

Same here with a Librem 15v3 which have Coreboot from May this year. I guess it’s the latest.

It has now officially been a full year since @mladen’s response that the coreboot team was looking into this. I wonder if there has been any progress? I do appreciate all the excitement that the phone has been getting, but sometimes I worry that there may not be sufficient resources to address some of the really frustrating issues with existing hardware that customers have been working around for a long time.


This bug is so ridiculous!

Any time i change the power state of my laptop it drops the CPU to 400Mhz and spins the fans up!

I just plugged my charger in and CPU throttled to 400Mhz??

Any updates on this?

If this is true, you might want to get in touch with them. One reason why it is so hard to fix this is that is occurs very rarely for most users, which also means one can hardly know if a change actually fixed it.

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Did you try to upgrade Coreboot already?
We are still unsure where this problem comes from - if it is the EC or some weird side effect. So far we have indeed (and sadly) not been able to pinpoint the root cause :frowning:


I have not updated my coreboot version since receiving the librem 13v4 a few weeks ago, after 6 months waiting for a replacement.