CPU fan stuck at high speed sometimes


Hi all,

Maybe these steps will help reproduce.

I use my laptop plugged in via HDMI with a USB-C hub (keyboard/mouse/headset).

If i plug in my charger the CPU drops to 400MHz, i then have to use a gnome plugin called “CPU-Z” to tell the CPU governor to use 100% of the CPU, everything is fine then.

If i then let the laptop go to sleep for around 15 minutes (eating lunch) and return, when i wake the laptop, the fan then spins at 100% and the CPU is then throttled to 400MHz, however this time the “CPU-Z” plugin can not recover this, so i have to unplug the power adapter & HDMI, shut the laptop lid and let it go into hibernation.

When i then open the laptop, the fan is throttled down again and “CPU-Z” can then tell the governor to use 100% of the CPU again.

I hope this information can help.



I can reproduce these steps without fail on a librem 13 v4 every time

Possibly related with: https://github.com/erpalma/throttled


Surprisingly, after I wrote my comment here I didn’t get that error again. But I also played around with some distros and ended up with Manjaro, using the 5.2 kernel. I’m not sure if this was the solution or maybe that I installed TLP and did some settings for the CPU_HWP. Either way, no weired fan actions and no freezes anymore!


So, if it is interesting for anyone. I got some trouble with Manjaro and switched back to Linux Mint. I also updated Coreboot to 4.11 - After a while I got the weired fan back and it seems again that a kernel update (from 5.0 to 5.3) solved this issue for me. Because I did the same TLP CPU_HWP edit (to get sure that this won’t happen) but afterwards the fan got still mad. With the following kernel update everything is fine, till now.


Ok, kernel update didn’t help. Occasionally the fan is stlll getting weird after sleep…